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Studies and Reports > 2009 MN Biennial Report > TC Planning Zone > Needs: 6.5.12 South Minneapolis Distribution Study

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Transmission Projects Report 2009
Section 6.5: Twin Cities Zone
p. 205

6.5.12 South Minneapolis Distribution Study

Tracking Number. 2007-TC-N3

Utility. Xcel Energy

Inadequacy. Customer electricity usage has grown significantly over the past decade in south Minneapolis and is expected to continue to grow. This growth has been particularly dramatic along and around Lake Street and Hiawatha Avenue due to revitalization and redevelopment efforts. In response to an increasing number of feeder circuit overloads and service interruptions on the distribution delivery system in south Minneapolis over the past decade, Xcel Energy’s Distribution Planning engineers conducted a long-term study of the south Minneapolis distribution delivery system and identified an existing deficit of approximately 55 MW.

A map of the area is shown on the following page.

Alternatives. Xcel Energy’s Distribution Planning Department, in coordination with Xcel Energy’s Transmission Planning Department, developed three electrical system options that would provide additional distribution substation transformers in the area. Common to all three options were the addition of two new distribution substations, one in the vicinity of the former Hiawatha Substation site near Hiawatha Avenue and Lake Street, and a second new substation in the area west of Chicago Avenue and east of Interstate 35W in the Midtown area. Both substations would tap the existing Elliot Park – Southtown 115 kV transmission line, and two new looped 115 kV transmission lines would connect the substations. The options also included various connections to the southwest.

Analysis. In 2008, planning engineers determined that the common facilities should be constructed first to meet the growing demand for power in the South Minneapolis area. These facilities are expected to provide an additional 120 MW of capacity and are the necessary building block for additional transmission facility improvements in the South Minneapolis area when conditions warrant. There are no current identified transmission needs that would require construction of a Penn Lake Substation, a Highway 62 Substation, or transmission lines from the Oakland Substation to the southwest.

Schedule. Construction of the Hiawatha Project is expected to begin in the second quarter of 2010 and is anticipated to be completed by third quarter 2011. Xcel Energy filed a route permit application for the two new 115 kV lines and associated substations with the Minnesota PUC on April 24, 2009.

PUC Docket Number. TL-09-38 (Route Permit)


Transmission Projects Report 2009
Section 6.5: Twin Cities Zone
p. 206

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