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Studies and Reports > 2009 MN Biennial Report > SE Planning Zone > Needs: 6.7.5 Mower County Wind

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Transmission Projects Report 2009
Section 6.7: Southeast Zone
p. 261

6.7.5 Mower County Wind

Tracking Number. 2005-SE-N5

Utility. ITC Midwest, Dairyland Power Cooperative

Inadequacy. The Public Utilities Commission issued a wind permit to High Prairie Wind Farm I in May 2006 for a 98.9 MW wind project in Mower County. High Prairie Wind Farm II, a 100 MW project, was permitted in May 2007. The power from the wind generation cannot be delivered to the transmission grid without certain upgrades.

A map of the area is shown on the following page.

Alternatives. Two transmission upgrade projects are needed to accommodate the generation from the two wind farms. The first project requires the upgrade of the Prairie Island – Red Rock 345 kV line #2.

The second project requires the upgrade of the Rochester – Adams 161 kV line. This project is reported as Tracking Number 2007-SE-N1.

Analysis. The transmission service request study performed by MISO indicates that only 20 MW would have been deliverable without the upgrades mentioned above. The upgrade of the Prairie Island – Red Rock 345 kV line accommodated the first 100 MW of wind, but the second project must be placed in service to accommodate the delivery of the second 100 MW. After both upgrades are complete, the wind generating facilities will be able to deliver all of their power.

Schedule. The first phase of the project – High Prairie Wind Farm I – was placed in service in 2006, and the wind farm was interconnected to the 161 kV side of the Adams substation. The Prairie Island – Red Rock #2 345 kV line upgrade was completed in mid 2007. The Rochester-Adams line upgrade is scheduled to be placed in service by the end of December 2009.

PUC Docket Numbers. WS-06-91 (Wind Farm I Site Permit) WS-06-1520 (Wind Farm II Site Permit)


Transmission Projects Report 2009
Section 6.7: Southeast Zone
p. 262

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