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Studies and Reports > 2009 MN Biennial Report > SE Planning Zone > Needs: 6.7.9 North Mankato Load Serving

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Transmission Projects Report 2009
Section 6.7: Southeast Zone
p. 270

6.7.9 North Mankato Load Serving

Tracking Number. 2007-SE-N3

Utility. Xcel Energy and Great River Energy

Inadequacies. The study covers most of the areas North and East of the City of Mankato. The total load in the region is approximately 95 to 100 MW. This region is mostly served from the Wilmarth substation through a long 69 kV line. The following problems were observed in the region:

  1. Loss of Wilmarth – Penelope 69 kV line will result in low voltages at Le Sueur and thermal overloads on Jamestown – Cleveland 69 kV line.
  2. Loss of Le Sueur – Le Sueur Tap line will result in severe low voltages at Le Sueur and St. Thomas, and thermal overload on Cleveland – Le Center 69 kV line.
  3. Loss of Traverse – New Sweden 69 kV line will result in low voltages at Le Sueur, New Sweden and Rush River.
  4. Loss of Traverse – St. Peter 69 kV line will result in low voltages at St. Peter, Lake Emily and Cleveland.
  5. Loss of Wilmarth – Eagle Lake 69 kV line will result in low voltages on the 69 kV line between Eagle Lake – Cleveland – St. Thomas and Lake Emily, and thermal over loads on the line between Wilmarth – Traverse – St. Peter.

Alternatives. The North Mankato study jointly performed by GRE, SMMPA and NSP considered two transmission alternatives to address the deficiencies in the region.

Alternative 1: This plan consists of bringing a new 115 kV line from the proposed Helena Substation to the 69 kV system near St. Thomas Lake. Depending on the location of the Helena Substation, a new 115 kV line may not be required as the Helena substation could include a 115/69 kV transformer. This alternative also involves building a new 69 kV switching station at LeSueur tap.

Alternative 2: This alternative involves building a 115 kV line from the existing Eastwood – West Faribault 115 kV line to the Cleveland Substation and a new 115/69 kV transformer at the Cleveland Substation. This alternative also includes building a 69 kV switching station west of the City of LeSueur.

Analysis. Alternative 1 was identified as the recommended long-term plan for the region since the new 345 kV substation at Helena meets the current and future needs of the area.

Schedule. Xcel Energy is currently planning to file for a route permit for this project by the end of 2009. The expected inservice date for this project is 2013 and will be coordinated with the 345 kV line from Brookings Co, South Dakota, to the Twin Cities (Tracking Number 2005-CX2).


Transmission Projects Report 2009
Section 6.7: Southeast Zone
p. 272

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